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69 years of

excellence and tradition

for all your insurance needs

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Part 1

how it all started...

In 1953, Hightman Insurance Agency was opened by Arthur Hightman. While working full-time at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Arthur answered an ad in the local newspaper, " WORK PART TIME & MAKE EXTRA MONEY" A few weeks later while outside tending his garden, a stranger approached. "I'm here about some insurance" the man said Arthur replied like we do today " I have enough insurance, I don't need anymore" But the stranger was Frank Yarin, an Erie Insurance representative. He was looking for new Erie agents in Maryland. And , as they say, the rest is history.

above: Arthur & Sarah Hightman and an early Middletown.

Arthur Hightman became one of the first appointed Erie Agents in Maryland. He soon found out that he didn't have nearly enough insurance and his first client was himself! Art worked out of his home in South Church Street in Middletown, while working full time in Frederick. His wife, Sarah took calls during the day and helped service the accounts. When Arthur came home from his day job, he started working the insurance buisness - He truly believed in Erie Insurance and their way of doing business.

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Part 2

a family tradition...

In 1974 Arthur retired from Fort Detrick and devoted his full energies to Hightman Insurance. In 1977, his son Daryl decided to carry on the family tradition and became a licensed agent working alongside his father. Together they continued to provide quality products and outstanding service to their growing clientele.  

above: Middletown today and Daryl & Twanna Hightman

In 1987 Daryl married Twanna Keller, a local girl from another old Middletown family. Twanna, with some insurance background and the necessary computer know-how to bring the business into the 90's, decided to join the family tradition and started working alongside both Daryl and Arthur. Arthur was ready for retirement in 1991, after 38 years of dedication and faithful service to his community. Daryl and Twanna took over the business, and relocated the business to their home on Valley View Road It's still here today, serving the community and providing outstanding service, as it has done now for over 67 years!

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Part 3

commitment to service...

Since 1953, we have been providing an exceptional service for our clients in the middletown and surrounding area. We've helped our clients through hurricanes, tornados, fires and personal losses; We know that reporting a claim can be distressing at the best of times, but we are here to help. It's a tradition that started with our founder Arthur Hightman.

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