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Our Story


our story

Our Story

They met as pen pals in a middle school French class, exchanging only a handful of letters, but managing to exchange AIM screen-names -- a real sign of the times! 


Carrie and Liam stayed in touch off and on through college, but lost touch around 2010 when Carrie graduated and moved back home to Maryland from Philadelphia.  Carrie had never forgotten about Liam (but honestly hadn't given him too much thought) when a message he had sent in March of 2016 popped into her Facebook Messenger ... by the time she saw it, it was December 2016… and she only saw it because a message sent to her by the owner of a going-out-of-business furniture store urging her to pick up her sofa!

Chatting through WhatsApp became a daily occurrence, and calling whenever Carrie could sneak it in, as she wasn’t ready to tell her parents.  But when Liam sent two dozen red roses to her office on Valentine’s Day, the cat was out of the bag.  Carrie told her parents about Liam that evening, and Liam told his family about Carrie the next day.  They continued their phone calls, constant messages, and weekend video calls for eleven months, and finally met in person in November 2017.

Carrie met Liam’s family in England in March of 2018, and Liam was back to see Carrie and her family in November of that year.  Then Carrie spent Christmas with the Carrs in December, and Liam surprised everyone, including himself, by proposing on January 2, 2019, in Guadalest, Spain.  There was no planning at all, not even a ring.  He said it just felt right ... but that's how everything is between Carrie and Liam.  Worry not – he did pop into a tourist shop and pick up a lovely 16 euro ring … and replaced it with an antique Edwardian ring in May when he visited Carrie again in Maryland.  Created in 1901, the ring was originally owned by a couple from Holystone, Northumberland … just over an hour from where Liam grew up.

Liam and Carrie have often been told they have a story made for a Hallmark movie… they invite you to share in their next big scene.

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