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Getting There


travel tips

Travel Tips

Liam’s primary observance is that America is BIG.  Most things are quite spread out.  Check travel distances when planning, because even if it looks close on a map, it might take a while to get there.  Even in Maryland, which is a relatively small state, it can take five or six hours to drive from the South East corner to the North West corner.

While most people consider Florida or New York as the ultimate United States destinations, I think you will find our area a hidden gem of great culture and experiences.  Keep in mind, January in Maryland is the heart of winter – it could snow!  It could be -15 degrees Celsius.  It could also be sunny and mild, all in the same week.  But would Mother Nature really mess with Carrie’s plans?  Come and find out!



In our experience, the best flight prices are to flights at Philadelphia Airport. 


The drive from Philadelphia to Frederick is about two and a half hours.  Both Dulles International Airport & Baltimore Washington International Airport are just under an hour drive away from Frederick.  We have found these flights to be about 50% more, and usually involve another layover.



You will want your mobile phones to work while you are here, if only for a GPS!  Liam has had success purchasing a US SIM from


It costs about 30$ for 2GB of data.  You have to activate the SIM (by arriving the US) within 30 days of receiving it, so take this into account when ordering.


Money and Insurance 

While you can order US dollars for delivery from your bank, Liam has found a company that offers a better rate and easier process.  The company is called Revolut, and you can request a card here:

Using a smartphone app, you link this card to your UK bank account, and then can transfer money to the card for purchases or cash-point withdraws in the US.  The transfer rate is very competitive.


You can of course use a credit card, but check with your bank about any foreign fees.  Keep in mind, neither a UK credit or debit card or a Revolut card will work on a petrol station pump – you will need to go inside to pay the cashier before filling up with fuel.

Liam has obtained travel insurance through Compare the Market.  Carrie has lived more dangerously and skipped it.

rental cars

Rentals Cars

In the past, we have used Enterprise and Hertz without problems. 


If travelling from Philadelphia, you will pass through a series of tolls on your way to Frederick.  These are small tolls, less than $10 one way, but be aware that they will likely be assessed to your rental bill. 


Keep in mind most American cars are an automatic transmission.



We would recommend Homewood Suites by Hilton, Frederick. 


4950 Westview Dr, Frederick, Maryland. 


Liam and I have stayed here in the past … it was very clean, spacious rooms, and offered a decent breakfast and indoor pool. 


They offer an evening social with drinks and snacks, and are conveniently located near major highways to get you to the wedding related events.  There are also restaurants, coffee shops, and even a cinema within walking distance.





Carrie’s family’s favorite place for Sunday Brunch.  Brunch is served in an upscale buffet, but nightly dinner options are also delicious.  Think fancy Greek food, lots of herbs and spices.  Accepts Reservations via OpenTable.



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